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Luxury Organic ingredients:  Tulsi (Holy Basil), Burdock Root, Ginger,  Dandelion Leaf, Rose, Elderflower, Safflower, Fennel. 

  • Product Info

    Tulsi, commonly known as holy basil, is not only a great source of Vitamin K, important for transporting calcium through the body, it is also said to aid digestive system and promote weight loss. The blend of Burdock root and Dandelion are naturally promoting good digestion and an excellent internal cleanser that also acts as a skin purifier by supporting the liver and kidneys.  Fennell seeds have anti-inflammation property, relieve gassiness and improve digestion. Safflower, another component is also believed in natural medicine to improve and enhance blood circulation and restore balance to the body.

    Antioxidant - Low

    Caffeine Free

    Large bag Net weight - 50g

    Sample bag (1/4 cup) makes 4-6 cups of tea

  • Steeping Instructions

    Ideal brewing temperature  - 206 F/100°C

    Steep        -   3-7 Minutes

    Serving size   - 1-2 tsp/7-9 Oz or 200-260ml

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