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Luxury ingredients: Licorice, Anise, Fennel, Nettle, Currant, Rosehip, Butterfly Blue Pea Flower, Hibiscus, Star Anise, Jasmine.

  • Product Info

    Digest tea is a deep melange of herbs and flowers just the relief your gastrointestinal system needs. Anise-known for its antimicrobial anti-inflammatory properties, anise serves as the base for Ouzo. Greece's famous after-dinner alcoholic digestive. Licorice-soothe post dinner gastric and abdominal ailments such as heartburn and inflammation. Fennel- loaded with significant levels of fiber, fennel soothed stretched stomach since at least the Roman era. Butterfly blue pea flower, the base for the blue color of this delectable concoction is believed strong anti-aging properties.

    Antioxidant - Low

    Caffeine - None - Caffeine Free Herb and fruit

    Large bag Net weight - 100g

    Sample bag (1/4 cup) makes 4-6 cups of tea

  • Steeping Instructions

    Ideal brewing temperature  - 206 F/100°C

    Steep        -   3-7 Minutes

    Serving size   - 1-2 tsp/7-9 Oz or 200-260ml


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